Whirlpool women’s network – unleash the potential of women talent

At the turn of XX and XXI century society obtained a rapid change: gender equality concept appeared to be more and more natural, women got new opportunities to perform outside of domestic routine and enjoy new ways of being.

Whirlpool Corporation is one of those being able to support and drive female integration into business. There are over 20 women of Director’s Level, over 70 in the roles of Senior Managers across EMEA area.

Being motivated high energy team player, capable of individual initiatives, each women in Whirlpool is able to grow from early career stage to key managerial position, fairly competing with male population on the same arena and being treated in equivalent way.

It doesn’t matter which field of the business is chosen by women to perform –Marketing, HR, Finance or Sales – Whirlpool will always enable an opportunity to succeed. As an example – almost 13%* of female population is employed in Manufacturing (*East Cluster, 23 countries). Thus, even industrial work in Company is already being “conquered” by gentle but strong ladies.

In order to support and reinforce women in their wish and ability to grow in business, Whirlpool Women’s Network (WWN) has been launched in EMEA region in 2017.

Women’s Network is an Employee Resource Group which is a voluntary employee-led group that serves as a resource for members and Whirlpool Corporation by fostering diverse, inclusive workplace aligned with organizational missions, goals, business practices and objectives.

WWN Mission: foster an environment that unleash the potential of Whirlpool EMEA women talent. It enables the reach to all women across the region and encourage engagement and development of women through wide range of initiatives.

WWN is represented by 7 regional hubs, united under 2 female co-leaders at high managerial positions on EMEA level.

WWN organization is an active participant of all Company initiatives. In October 2017, following Diversity & Inclusion Days idea, Women’s Network and HR teams organized local activities in Poland, Belgium, France, Germany, Italy, Nordics, Russia, Turkey and UK. Events included panel discussion with Senior Whirlpool Leaders and external speakers, testimonials from employees and D&I themed activities and workshops.

March 2018 was announced as Women’s History Month. We celebrated the contribution of women in society and our Company. Several women with proven records of success were sharing their best practices, advises and stories to give some inspiration to female population. Motivating ladies at early professional stages to contribute their best into Company business, being sure next career step is granted by Whirlpool for the best performers.

Company-wide survey was conducted to understand what matters to Women at Whirlpool. This will help Company meet female expectations, especially in the field of work/life balance and development.

WWN goal is to let Whirlpool Corporation get an indisputable “title” as one of the best places for Women to work.